Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yes, I know it has been 3 months since I have posted (2 months if you count the twitter updates!) but let's be real...I have never been the best blogger anyway!  We have been home for 2 months now, and life is good!  Everyone seems to be adjusting well and we are enjoying watching G. learn new things everyday!  I think she has grown 20% in body weight, but that's a good thing, especially since we have had a pretty hard time finding things she will eat.  My latest obsession right now, is hair...It's all about the hair right?  G's is still only about 2 inches long, but I am working hard to keep it healthy and find the right products.  Some of you reading this, might think that is a no-brainer, but all the "Do's" for her hair are "Don'ts" for mine and vice versa, so I'm investing some time now, before I am knee-deep in learning to do braids and the like.  
I think this will be my last post on this blog and I thank everyone out there for their support during this journey.  I wish those of you waiting to bring your little one(s) home the best of luck!


  1. Hey Guys! I just emailed about The Queen next week. I don't know if I sent it to your correct email or not... :) It was a me.com address

    Your newest teeny member is BEAUTIFUL! I hope to meet her sometime soon and see you all again! Really beautiful family... :)

  2. They are SO cute! Thanks for the updates. We are working on hair too. Nataga has a line in the back of his head where it doesn't grow for some reason. Anyway just checking in. I hope you'll post some pictures and short updates every now and then!